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The Charity Club Langkawi,

Bringing charity straight to the home                                                    




This initiative is the brainchild of Tony and Janis in Perth, Western Australia who visit Langkawi regularly and wanted to do something to help us.

Tony was Head of Year 9 English at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and the Headmistress and the pupils have raised funds to purchase decommissioned laptops from the school, which are brought to Langkawi by Tony and Janis.
Several have also been donated by Hewshott International, Perth.

15 laptops and tablets arrived in October 2014 and were distributed to the students at the Tamil Primary School in Kisap. Tony spent time with the teachers ensuring that everything was in order.

In January 2015 tablets and laptops were delivered to Tunku Putra Secondary School and again Tony spent time with the teachers and students to ensure they were all in working order.

In October 2015, 15 laptops were donated to Kilim Primary School to be used by Years 1,2 and 3 to introduce them to technology at an early age.  This school is the only one in Langkawi to take part in what will be a nationwide initiative to offer remedial help to children identified as having learning difficulties.  These laptops will further help their recipients reach the school's target of reading/writing English and Bahasa plus reaching an agreed standard in Maths by the end of Year 3.  Tony taught the class how to use the Paint & Draw programme.

In February 2016 15 notebooks were donated to Sri Lagenda Primary School in Kisap and Tony will visit again to help with downloading educational programmes that the school can use.

In April 2016 a notebook was donated to Ahmad Firdaus who is starting Sixth Form College at Tunku Putra in June 2016.

In 2017 and 2018, we delivered 10 laptops to our sponsored schoolchildren.

the project is now closed due to a change in airline regulations.