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The Charity Club Langkawi,

Bringing charity straight to the home                                                    



ADOPT A FAMILY          


Many families in Langkawi struggle to cope with the costs of day to day living.

Whilst Malaysia is not a welfare state, some benefits are available. We assist families to apply for whatever benefits they may be entitled to, provide food parcels every 4 weeks and introduce sponsors for education costs, but still some families do not have enough money for basic living costs.


Sponsors  'adopt' a family to help with the cost of food parcels currently RM 130 every 4 weeks for basic essentials and fresh vegetables.  Some families also receive infant milk and nappies.

Sponsors can also help with other costs if they wish.

We are happy to account to sponsors for expenditure.


We  provide interested sponsors with family details and photographs for the sponsor to choose.

Payment in advance either quarterly, six monthly or yearly can be made by cash, cheque, transfer to our bank account or Paypal.  A receipt will be issued and 100% of the funds received are allocated to that family.


We provide updates from time to time on the family and we continually monitor their progress. If we feel that sponsorship is no longer necessary, we discuss the options with the sponsor.


If sponsors are visiting or live in Langkawi we are happy to arrange family visits.






Several of the sponsors have met with their adopted families and we are always happy to arrange this.





 Tony and Lyn

Tony and Lyn sponsor Sofia and her family.  The pictures show them visiting at Hari Raya when they took the family shopping for new clothes.  They brought beautiful gifts from Australia too.



Chris & Diana

This couple from Australia have sponsored Jaafar and his family for several years and are regular visitors to Langkawi. Here they are pictured with the family during their last visit.  Jaafar no longer needs support and Chris and Diana now sponsor Anggamah and her family.



Len & Linda

This couple from Australia sponsored Azizah, Mansor and their family. They met them on their last visit to Langkawi.



Helmut & Kathi

This couple from Germany sponsored Razimah and her family with food aid and house repairs.  Razimah no longer needs support and Helmut and Kathi are now supporting a bright student at college.



Kevin & Margaret

This couple from the UK are sponsoring Siti Halijah and her family for food aid, house repairs and Hari Raya clothes..