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The Charity Club Langkawi,

Bringing charity straight to the home                                                      

Medical & Travel - Iskandar
Alice Smith Int. School
Bicycles for 18 children
Medical & Travel - Janagi
Installation Of Sanitation
Hari Raya

Medical and Travel - Aqmal
Universiti Sains Malaysia
Single Mother & Son
Elderly couple
Blind Man and Family 
Projects - MAH Charity Bash Funds

Hari Raya
Every year since 2010


At this special time we give 'our' Malay families a food parcel or a donation to enable them to buy 'luxury' food items of their own choice.  Every child in the family receives a small cash gift. 


Every Year Since 2010

At this special time we given those Indian families who celebrate this occasion, a food parcel or a donation to enable them to buy 'luxury' food items of their own choice.  Every child in the family receives a small cash gift.

Medical and Travel Costs for Iskandar

We are proud to have transformed the life of Iskandar and to give him an opportunity to go to school and enjoy a better future.  He is a different child from the one we first met 18 months' ago.
This young boy was born with a severe facial disfigurement and after several consultations with the Head of Plastics and Reconstruction Surgery, Mr Regu, in Alor Setar government hospital the first major operation was carried out in October 2015 at age 7.
This operation, involving several surgeons meant four weeks in hospital, including 10 days in intensive care, followed by three months at home where he had to be cared for by his mother to ensure that he did not damage the jaw area and could only have a liquid diet.
The treatment plan is long term. Probably it will not be completed for another 10 years as at least one more major operation will be necessary as he grows.
We have paid  the travel costs and subsistence for hospital visits, the family's costs and travel in Alor Setar throughout the hospitalisation and payments to his mother as she was not able to work for 5 months.  As he is a minor and also registered OKU his medical care is free of charge, but the family could never have afforded the associated costs.
We have a follow up appointment in July as a minor operation may be required to lift his jaw and there may be other treatment such as orthodontics as he grows.
On March 2nd Iskandar started school a year later than he should have done.  Before he had no real schooling as the children would not play with him as they were frightened by his appearance, but now he is a happy schoolchild.  It is likely that he will be able to catch up on the 'lost' year and his education sponsor is generously paying for extra tuition.
We are grateful to Mr Regu, the other surgeons involved and the hospital staff for their care of Iskandar in the last 18 months.

Installation Of Sanitation
August 2015

Musa, who has been blind since birth lives alone.  We erected a new building for his shower and toilet as we were shocked to see the condition of his facilities, which were unhygenic and dangerous, especially for someone who cannot see.

Alice Smith International School, Kuala Lumpur
July 2014

32 students and teachers spent 2 days at the Tamil Primary School in Kisap offering a programme of drama, art, handicraft and sport – all aimed at improving the students' English.
Apart from the educational side of the project, Alice Smith International School generously donated RM 5,000 to CCL.  This has been placed in a separate fund and is being used to sponsor a very bright young student who is studying to be a Doctor at Sabah university.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Penang

July 2014

Students and teachers from the Building Faculty spent four days in Langkawi renovating the home of Mansor & Azizah, who live with their four school age children.  Walls were built inside to give the family privacy, a shower area was erected (previously the family showered with their clothes on as the shower area was visible from the main road),  glass was installed in the windows, window frames replaced and many other minor works to make their home waterproof and more comfortable.  USM generously paid for the travel/accommodation for the students and teachers and provided expert supervision.  They also made a donation towards the building materials, with CCL contributing the balance, including replacing  dangerous electrical wiring.

Bicycles for 18 children
March 2014

Through a team building company, Asia Ability, 18 children from 'our' families were recipients of a new bicycle. Asia Ability's client organised a conference in Langkawi and one of the team building exercises for the delegates was to build the bicycles. Four very excited children attended the presentation – neither they nor the delegates knew about this. The remaining bicycles were delivered to their new owners during the day.

Medical and Travel Costs for Janagi
From August 2013

The mother of a family of 7 (2 adults, five children) had to give up work due to acute pain in her back, putting pressure on the family finances.
Following a consultation at the local hospital and MRI Scans she was referred to a Neurosurgeon in Penang Government Hospital.  Despite the risk of paralysis the family agreed to proceed with an operation to remove a large benign tumour in her spinal cord.
We are pleased that the operation was considered a success with 85% of the tumour being removed.  The family are indebted to the surgeon and his team  for their expertise during the 8 hour operation and to the nursing staff for their care.
She is now able to walk and is a changed person.  We continue to visit Penang for follow up visits.
Although this was a Government hospital, there was a cost of RM 4,700 for 4 implants and the hire of a nerve monitoring machine during the operation, which we paid.  The total cost to us is over RM 12,000 including the transport, subsistence and medical costs.Without our financial help this operation would not have taken place – thanks to everyone who has donated to the charity to make this possible.  We have also provided much needed moral support accompanying them for all visits.

This mother has now been referred to Alor Star hospital and continues to have regular MRI scans and consultant visits.  She is a changed person, free of pain and able to work.

Aqmal Idham b Anuar
Special Appeal 2011

This Special Appeal was launched in March 2011.
The Appeal account was closed on 7 July 2013, as follows:

Funds raised RM 29,858.60
Funds spent  RM 25,103.60
Balance        RM   4,755.00

The balance has been placed in a Medical Fund for use only for medical expenses for underprivileged families.
Further details of the Appeal are in the How We Have Helped section of the website.
Aqmal was born with a defective ear and this appeal was launched in March 2011 and closed end October 2011.  Thanks to the generosity of so many people  we quickly raised RM 29,858.60, enabling the first operation to take place in September 2011.
The fund was closed on 7 July 2013 as Aqmal requires no further consultant visits.
We would like to thank all those who donated to the appeal -  Michele and Lutz at Mangoes and Murali at The Chill Out Bistro for hosting fundraising events  - the  passengers of Sylt Air in Germany for a substantial donation – Dr Danny who performed the operations -  Penang Berjaya Hotel -  everyone who donated prizes for auctions and raffles.
Before his operation Aqmal was taunted for looking different and was very shy. Throughout the treatment he has endeared himself to so many people, never complaining, always smiling and now he is a changed boy – very confident and doing even better at school.

Single Mother & Son

- P, a diabetic, was very depressed, and found walking difficult due
  to knee pain.
- The house, built over the sea, floods with the spring tides and was
  in poor state of repair.
- Minimal welfare payment.

How The Charity Club Langkawi Helped
- Provided walking sticks.
- Repaired floors and waterproofed property.
- Provided shelves, mattresses, food and a small fridge.
- Arranged Welfare re-assessment.
- Took P to orthopedic consultant and psychiatrist.
- Regularly transport P to hospital for follow up appointments,
  physiotherapy and medication.

Elderly Couple

- Husband and wife.
- Basic house with toilet not in use due to no water supply.
- Toilet comprised hole in ground with rusty tin partial ‘walls’
- Cooking on open fire.

The Charity Club Langkawi Helped
- Arranged/funded hospital appointments including travel costs
  for husband as he had a serious eye injury/disease.
- Provided food and clothing.
- Liaised with Welfare to gain increased payment and funded the
  couple whilst the claim was being considered.
- Provided materials and labour to improve toilet.
- Provided propane gas cooker and cylinder.

Blind Man & His Family

- M, lived in a tiny kampung house with his wife and 4 children
  (3 school age) for 16 years.

- No windows, no sanitation or running water.
- The landlord wanted them to leave, but took 12 years to

- They had virtually no possessions.

How The Charity Club Langkawi Helped
- Liaised with Welfare to ensure their correct entitlement.
- Donated food and clothing on a regular basis.
- Chased the authorities on the rehousing application.

- Liaised with authorities for water and electricity to be connected to
  the new home and for the provision of free lights and fans.

- Cleaned the apartment, laid lino throughout, made curtains,
  provided mattresses, bedding, cooker, wardrobes, hanging rails,
  crockery and the basics to make life better.

- Introduced sponsor to fund the children’s school costs.