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The Charity Club Langkawi,

Bringing charity straight to the home                                                    



The MAH (Malaysian Association of Hotels) – Kedah & Perlis Chapter, $KIDS fundraising initiative was launched in 2013 and aims to provide us with a regular source of income.

Guests at participating hotels are invited to add RM 4 (or US$1) to their hotel account at the end of their stay. 100% of these funds will be donated to us and every ringgit received will be used to help underprivileged families.

There is 1 participating hotel/resort

- Casa Del Mar

with more hotels/resorts to follow.

Every time we receive funds we update our website, showing how we have used the funds.

We are grateful to MAH for launching and funding the costs of this initiative.







At the end of 2013 we received RM 3,326.55 from Casa Del Mar.

RM 3,000 was allocated to 6 families – RM 500 each for Food Aid. 
RM 326.55 remained in the fund.

In March 2014 we received RM 2,325.05 from Casa Del Mar.  This was  added to the RM 326.55 unallocated.  These funds were then allocated to Food Aid for 5 families, leaving RM 1.60 to allocate.

In September 2014 we received RM 2,232 from Casa Del Mar which was allocated to a fund for Mhd Fadhli to help with travel and medical costs for treatment in Kuala Lumpur to save his badly damaged left arm and shoulder.

In August 2015 we received RM 1,419 and in September RM 626.60, both from Casa Del Mar, all donated to Food Aid.

In February 2016 we received RM 746.50 and this plus the RM 1.60 credit has been allocated to our Building Fund.

In May 2017, we received RM 1,091.00 allocated to Sivaganesh Medical costs.

In May 2018, we received RM 1,314.50 allocated to our Family Support Fund.